1669 entailed estate Steinegger & 170 years of hostality

Stammhaus Erpf

The story behind: 

The "Pollin" estate is in posession of the same family since more than 200 years. Because of that the provincial goverment assingned to us in the year 1985 the certificate of entailed estate. The estate is farmed since 1669 from the family Steinegger. The then called Pollin estate was situated fortunatley by the road to the "Mendel" pass. And loats of people went by with their cattle to the local marcets in Bozen and Eppan. The people then called the Steinegger Mas blanc.

Since the opening of the railway from Bozen to Eppan and Kaltern in 1898 the Steinegger became a popular place of excursions for the people from the city (Bozen).

During the war we had no customers and the financial situation was so unpromising that the estate was up to sale. But Josefine Steinegger and Mathias Eisenstecken were able to pay the dues. In the 1950s the first tourist came back to the Steinegger.

Alongside there was naturally the agriculture as well. Then we had not only orchards and vineards but as well cattle like pigs and oxes. The estate made their own sausages, butter and as well grappa (booze).
1962 the outdoor swimming pool has been build by Michael Eisenstecken. His father was not very amused from all this "naked" women.

1968 Michael Eisenstecken became the owner of the Steinegger. At first he built the guest house. In the same year he married Heidi Thaler.

The indoor swimming pool has been constructet in 1977 because the doctor said to the owner that he had to swim every day to cure his angle.
Michael Eisenstecken has 4 children (Renate 1969, Kanin and Sabine 1972, Verena 1981). There are as well noumerous gandchildren. The Steinegger is now in the 8th generation. 


Hochzeitspaar vor Kirche

Verena Eisenstecken and Michael Falkensteiner married on the 17 of july 2009. The joungest daughter of the house and Michael from the Puster valley said yes! They married in the near St. Valentin chapel. Little Mathias, Hanna and Natalie celebrated as well.

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