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In the download you can have a look on our wine list. All wines have been selected from us. 

A journey from south tyrol, to Italy and France.

A must is the tasting of our homemade Steinegger wines:

Vernatsch (schiava or trollinger), Pinot blanc, Sauvignon, Gewürztraminer.



Did you know?

In Eppan the wine cultivation is 3000 years old. The folk of the "Räter" began to grow wine grapes and put the holy juice into wooden casks, all that before the Romans came.

Eppan is situated on the wine street and is the biggest wine growing community of south-tyrol. Here in the villages of St. Michael, St. Pauls, Missian, Pigeno, Berg, Unterrain, Perdonig and Frangart you will find noumeros winerys like for example St. Michael Eppan; Schreckbichl; Kellerei Girlan; Kellerei St. Pauls; Josef Brigl; Ignaz Niedrist; .....



Acetaia Steinegger

In our Acetaia Steinegger (Vinegar Atelier) we produce different vinegars like red wine vinegar, white wine vinegar, apple vinegar and aromatized vinegars.


A special product is available since 2016 the traditional made Apple Balsamic vinegar. Therefore we concentrate our own apple juce by 2/3. Then the concentrate is put in different wooden barrels to ferment the juice into vineagar.

The vinegar now 6 years of Riserva is very creamy, viscous, rich in flavour and black.

Wine in south tyrol

Die Südtiroler Weinstrasse und ihre Weine

Weinfaß als Weinregal
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