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Our Story

This is the beginning: 
Since Maso Pollin is, from about 200 years, a property of the same family, on 1985 was made official by the provincial government that the whole farm was hereditary.
The Maso is under the administration of the family Steinegger since 1669. 

First of all, the license for the tavern was property of Maso Kossler, stated about 500 meters above. At that time, the Maso was called “Mas Blanc”. 

Only some years after the license passed to the Steinegger through a wedding. 


1696 is the year in which you can find the first documented mention of the Steinegger’s Family, which presumably came from Switzerland and settled in Appiano looking for a new place to stay. 


The Steinegger’s farm, also called Maso Pollin, had the fortune to be placed on the road of the Mendola, which made the Maso, already 170 years ago, a famous Hotel. Many visitors came to Appiano and Bolzano from the Non Valley, bringing their own cattle. 


After the opening of the Bolzano-Caldaro’s railroad in 1898 the Maso Steinegger started to become the goal of the one which “lived in the City”. During the war’s hard times custom ran out, and even in the 30s the gains were damaged and the economic perspective was so hopeless that the Maso were put on sale. In 1950 Josefine Steinegger and Mathias Eisenstecken were finally able to pay all the debts and the first new guests arrived at the Maso. 


At the same time, farming was still active and products like fruits, vegetables and wine were still produced. This proper cultivation included the slaughter of pigs and cows, and made possible to bring products like sausages and milky food like butter and cream. The owners had even the rare license for liqueur production.

On 1962 the open pool was sunk, thanks to Michael Eisenstecken; his father was so happy about it, since he didn’t like to see the hosts “naked”. 


In 1968 Michael Eisenstecken took the lead on the structure, and a new activity was found: its name was “the Guests House”. In the same year were the wedding of Adelhied Thaler and Michael Eisenstecken. The covered pool was raised in 1977, by advice from the doctor which prescribed to the young owner regular baths in tempered water. 


Four daughters were born, respectively in 1969, 1972, and 1981. Also, many nephews have brought joy to the Steinegger’s Maso, looking forward to a shiny and stable future. : - ) 

Naturally, at nowadays not all the sisters live at the Maso. 


The Wedding 

Verena Eisenstecken and Michael Falkensteiner found the courage to say to each other “yes” on a church. Verena, the youngest daughter of the house, and the son of gastronomy had been married! The wedding took place on the nearby church of St. Valentine. 

2007, 2010 and 2014 

The new generation is already here!
Ayoung boy and two little girls (2007, 2010 and 2014) are a part of the Steinegger’s Jinx Crew. 


On 2016, Verena and Michael took the lead of the Maso Steinegger and established their own road. Michael Eisenstecken Senior left them the leading of the Hotel and the Farming Company. 

January 2017 

On 2017’s New Year’s Eve owner Senior Heidi (Aldeheid Thaler) had found eternal peace. Since then, she helps us from heaven on the research of a bright and lucky future for the Steinegger’s Maso.


From 2017 all the sisters work again at the Maso, some more some less: Renate works at the SPA as a masseuse, Sabine helps with her own formation in esoteric studies and Karin helps Verena and Michael by doing some hard and difficult bureaucratic stuffs. Starting from July a new help came to the Maso: Mars of the Canietrufi, a rare Lagotto Romagnolo (a special dog breed for allergic people) with a pure heart and a kind temper. 


After 40 years we renovated the kitchen and have adapted it to the 21st century. Michi and all the cooks will be so glad to work there. The new kitchen is beautiful, bright and spacious.

We’re looking forward for 2021…
You’re gonna have fun at the Steinegger Eppan!

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