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Viniculture at Steinegger

Our vineyards are located on the backyard, thus we have Weissburgunder, Sauvignon, Gewurztraminer, Grey Pinot and Muller-Thurgau. Steinegger is, by its products, a member of St. Michael Appiano’s Wine Cellar ( Our grapes give name to the “St.Valentin”’s Wine Company, rinomate and demanded. We also keep a small amount of our grapes in order to use it as homeopathic, bottled on site and presented as a homemade White Wine. 

As a guest of our Hotel, you must partecipate to our wine tasting, with wines such as Schiava, Strahler, Moscato, Spumante or Passato, all by our own production.
We proudly present the name of our Spumante classic method called MONSTRANS.
Mons-Trans stays for Mons = Mountain and trans for transformation of the Mountain in a bottle of spumante metodo classico.

Did you know? 

In Appiano/Mountain the wine is farmed since 3000 year. Wine-culture was practiced even before the Romans: the Reti knew where the best wine would’ve grown, many years before the Romans introduced the keeping of the wine in oak barrels. 

The municipality of Appiano, on the road of the Wine, represents the most important wine-growing area in Alto Adige. Here you can also find the highest vineyard and wine cellars density: you can visit St. Michael, St. Paul, Cornaiano, Monticcolo, Frangarto, Colterenzio, Ganda, Pigenò, Riva di Sotto, Predonico, Gaida and Appiano/Monte. 

We can also recommend to you the wines of our neighbors and partners.
Klaus Lentsch’s Family
Thomas Niedermayr’s Family

Our Vernaccia wine

Barleit, the place where our Vernaccia wine grows, is located on an altitude which is around 450 meters with a view on the Caldaro’s lake. The slope tends to be on the south, so it has a very good position and it’s almost always sunny. Altitude does really have weight on the acidity factor of the wine, highest than the vineyards that are located on the lowest side. An higher rate, though, favors its aging. The white wine is kept on inox’s iron barrels. The red wine too isn’t kept in oak barrels. 

Steinegger’s vinegar factory

In our Vinegar’s Factory, vinegar rediscovers ancient times. Our aging policy is exclusively long-term and homemade. We produce wine’s vinegar (red and white), apple’s vinegar, aromatic vinegars of any kind… Our pride is, though, our apple-scented Balsamic Vinegar, which claims a traditional production method and that we produce since 2016. 

That is the fate of 2/3 of our apple-scented vinegar, which we reduce and then keep in oak barrels in order for it to be fermented and aged. Every year we decant and fill dozens of barrels, from the biggest to the littlest: the evaporation tax in the barrels variates from 20 to 25% every year. We claim an annual quality of vinegar instead of quantities. 

This apple’s balm is smooth, bittersweet, creamy and spicy. Is particulary indicated if served with aged cheeses, on fresh strawberries, on a high-cooked beef steak or even on a tasty vanilla ice cream with cream. 

We suggest to take a look at our variety of traditional foods if you’re looking for something to combine with salad. 

You can find our vinegar in our specialties store “VisaVis” in St. Pauls. 


New Year’s bubble season is now available. 

2018 vintage
54 months sur lie
Brut nature

Very fine perlage, dry, fruity, apple aroma, light bread notes. Good aperitif but is also an excellent food companion. Goes very well with light fish dishes and raw fish.

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