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The cleanest pools in Italy from 6 years straight!

Appiano on the path of Wine claims this important acknowledgment on the lake-turistic sector. 

“5 sails” ( = highest recognition) has been assigned on 2010 from Legambiente to Appiano for both of Monticolo’s lakes, for being the cleanest and funniest lakes in Italy. 

This acknowledgment had been submitted to different evaluation standards, like as the quality of the water, the quality of accommodations, the quality of the touristic  offer to the historical center as a gastronomical and landscaping offer, the historical-cultural monuments, economy in the name of environment’s respect, and as a sustainable communal administration. 

Monticcolo’s lakes are about 5 km distant from the Steinegger in Appiano/Monte, into the woods of Monticcolo. Is it possible to reach the lakes by foot, on a bike or by publical transport starting from the Hotel. On the nearby there’s a public parking, from where you can reach the lake in complete relax using a shuttle service. Info

We offer to our guests a free enter card to the pool located on the Great Monticcolo’s lake.

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