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Why we do have hospitality in our veins

We have hospitality in our veins. Our guests can confirm that to you! Everybody enjoy our holidays, and we’d love to spend the most wonderful time of the year in the most thoughtful and healthy way. Our job is to make this experience unforgettable: a sunny climate and the splendid view you can find here are our allies. 

If you think about sustainability and you’d like to join us by public transports, we offer you a transport service from and to Bolzano’s station. If you require it, we offer you the Museumoblilecard[SB1]  or, still by request, an E-bike for Your staying on the most wonderful place (for us), Appiano Monte’s Steinegger. 

You won’t be our guest? When something is right, we feel it. Something though is meant to say: to run a Hotel which is so dedicated to sustainability it’s a true challenge. There’s the need to always keep an eye on every part of the job. 

“My purpose was to run a Eco friendly Hotel”. 

But the more I was thinking about it, the more I ran to the conclusion that “as sincere as I am” it couldn’t have been possible, since we have a covered pool, an open-aired pool, the laundry… But what we can actually do, is thinking about all the passages and to all the possibilities the Maso can give us, in order to give the future generations a better world. So, could we get rid of Internet, Television, or a good glass of wine sometimes? 

We’re also members of Legambiente.

The Green Economy is one of our fundamental principles. 

We don’t care about what is “in” on the Green Wave, but we do care about what could be sensible in the long-term. 

Despite that, we’re always grateful when a guest suggests us some improvements. 

  • On the Steinegger’s roof are installed about 150 m2 of photovoltaic pipes, which are used to boil water in flats and apartments. Our covered pool uses this alternative energy too. 
  • Usually, houses and flats use methane gas as a source of heat, which as you may know, is a molecule composed by four parts of hydrogen and in a small part of carbon, allowing the combustions to be low. This prevents the heat in excess to come out from the chimney. 
  • We also have a laundry which is plumped by methane gas. Our home appliances are also alimented half by methane gas and the second half by electric energy. 
  • Our biggest washing machine does the detergent dosage automatically, without wastes. 
  • Alto Adige claims a sophisticated net of hydroelectric energy, so much of the country’s electricity is produced there. We also own a special Green Energy certificate.
  • Our products are strictly on Km 0 policy. That means that products like bread and food are produced by us, that the maintenance of the environment is supervised by local staff and that we only work with businesses located on our country.
  • The Hotel’s evening luminary setup is moderate, so that we avoid energy wastes and luminary pollution. We also have renounced to things like gorgeous scribbles in favor of motion detectors when in need. It’s about time that all the Hotel will be lightened by L.E.D. energy. 
  • Our Hotel’s opened pool is heated up by a simple photovoltaic tubes system, located on the south slope. 
  • Both of our pools cointain a small amount of chlorine.
  • We own a bunch of common refrigerators, because we think that the use of one fridge per room, knowing that it would be functioning all day long, would represent an unwise choice in terms of electricity wastes. In particular, we don’t use small refrigerators because they consume a horrendous amount of energy that we absolutely abhor.
  • Most of our workers live by the Hotel, so that they won’t need a car to go to work.
  • Our stoves (for example the one in our traditional dining room) are heated by wood that come from our own woods (cut by a chainsaw instead of a jigsaw, of course J )
  • Towels, linen and potters are NOT daily replaced. In case of need, just ask the reception: we would be glad to acknowledge Your requests. 
  • We promote the use of country products when possible, from milk to olive oil. This is not valid for coffee or cocoa, though J. 
  • Wine, apple juice and other juices too and vegetables are homemade. 
  • From 2012 we claim some L.E.D. flat screens which were valued as super-efficient A class.
  • On our Hotel we follow a strict policy of waste division, so we invite You to use the right waste containers: metal+glass, plastic, paper, empty electronic devices, cardboard and organic. 

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