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10 Commandments

Steinegger guideline

1.Everyone should feel welcome, respected and recognized. Be it as a guest or as an employee.

2. We treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. That also means that we HELP each other.

3. WOMEN AND CHILDREN ARE PEOPLE TOO and have IDENTICAL rights as men. Women have equal voting rights.

4. We handle our things with care, that means devices, furnishings and clothing are always CLEAN and TIDY.

5. The food and drinks we serve are always delicious and prepared with love.

6. Arguments are part of life and are settled as quickly as possible, if possible in private, but in any case FAR AWAY from guests.

7. The guests are at the Steinegger on vacation also for a few hours and that experience should be wonderful.

8. Take care of your body at work and in your free time. Always reconsider work steps whether there are body-friendly alternatives.

9.Every action at the Steinegger should be organized in such a way that it conserves resources. This means, what can be repaired will be repaired, what can be reused will be reused. What has to go in the garbage is always properly separated as prescribed.

10. Water is the best cleaning agent, cleaning agents must be used intelligently and sparingly.

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